Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I do NOT look like that

the artist as an Assyrian sphinx (28" x 26")

portrait (92 x 78 cm)

a sacred icon (mixed media - wood, paper mache and acrylic paint, 18" x 14")

portrait (58 x 70 cm)

An artist at his exhibition opening, listening to the curator's comments (18" x 21")

a tentative angel (18" x 22")

Joseph in his many-color coat (140 cm x 120 cm)

A siren blowing her horn (69 cm x 59 cm)

A middle age angel (150 x 80 cm)

A bench scene with a bird and a grasshopper (20" x 27")

A bench at springtime (25" x 10.5")

A bench scene (25" x 10")

Two figures (70 x 50 cm)

Yet another angel, playing a heavenly lute

An angel sets a bird free (29" x 16")

Chameleon (100 x 70 cm)

An angel of good tidings 

An angel of domestic tiding

The heavenly organ player

a capella

A celtic dancer

 Inspired by Ben Shan's poster

 Mr. & Mrs. Poppins leap to their after dinner constitutional 

An elderly man

A beach figure

A courting dance

Grooming bird

A calling rooster

a flat bird (110 x 75 cm)

Portrait of an elderly woman

Hermes as an admiral

A medieval saint doing the hip-hop

Bird of paradise

Playing girls, inspired by Ben Shahn (unfinished)

miniature busts

"God loves I, God does not love them"
Inspired by the 2012 primaries 

A two-human-headed, terribly-threatening, tail-pointing, sexually-aroused, flag-waiving monster. Inspired by the 2012 primaries (~27"x19"x11")

A marine acrimony about direction:
A variation on a congressional theme (picture size: 24"x16")

A choir (~20" x 30") 

A Parable on middle age: Not in the best of shape but not giving up

A chicken lady (~2.5' long)

A thoughtful fish (~3' long)

A cheerful athlete (~1' tall)

St. Jules in 3D

St. Jules - yet another perspective on chivalry (19" - 44")

A kentaur and a rider (55 x 85 cm)

A gloomy knight with troubadours (60 x 90 cm)

A Lithuanian General inspecting his troups and his impatient mare

two fish of prey  (~30" wide) 

one docile fish

A golden fish

A star fish in the dust

A Lion (~30" wide)

The guardian of Hades (i.e., the basement and washer/dryer)
from several perspectives, as allowed by the turning staircase (~2m x 2m)

The elderly demigod Hermes, having moved to small-town USA
and having become a baseball fan (18" x 25")

The ceiling lamp in my study (~25" diameter, using a 90W-equivalent, warm LED)

Our entry hall ceiling lamp. (Diameter > 4", using 6 35W-equivalent trio-LED bulbs)

A ceiling lamp (~3" in diameter) with a 100 W equivalent LED; 
top: unlit; bottom: dimly lit

four ceiling lamps in our Haifa apartment

Five Masks

A heavenly clock (48" x 19")

 Dog Clock (85 x 70 cm)

Three earthy clocks (1.5' - 2.5')

Yet another heavenly clock (26" x 21")

A sea flower in the dust (~2')

A fish (~7', made of c. 1979 computer printout)

... and now, refurbished and painted

Two exercises in mirror framing

Doxi was commissioned by my in-laws,
in memory of the true Doxi 1 & 2 (21" tail-to-snout)

The gallant St. Jules and his victory over the monstrous fish  (made for my daughter, 16"x24")

A Lieder recital 
 (picture size: 24"x16")